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As 10 Filosofias do Legal Design Our Philosophies, now in Portuguese! 

As 10 Filosofias do Legal Design Our Philosophies, now in Portuguese! 

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“In a world where we often applaud too early and without truly watching, these two experts genuinely deserve the standing ovation not simply for this book but for a decade or more of demonstrable impact.”

Justin North,
Managing Director at Morae,
As featured in Legal Innovation & Technology Today

Astrid Kohlmeier

Meera Klemola

The Legal Design Book


The Legal Design Book is the go-to guide for practitioners seeking to understand the topic and apply legal design in their daily work. We cover what legal design is, why it’s important and how you can apply it in practice. We also deep dive into design as a profession and how design mindsets, ideas and ways of working can be transferred to the field of law. Our book includes a suite of real use cases from a selection of clients and collaborators including AIRBUS, CLIFFORD CHANCE, Haptica, Visual Contracts, Queen Mary University and more. Discover legal design today with The Legal Design Book.

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Astrid Kohlmeier & Meera Klemola are the authors of The Legal Design Book. Together, they combine their long term expertise as both lawyers and designers to bring this highly anticipated book on the growing field of legal design to the market. Both recognised as global leaders in legal design, readers of this book will profit from the authors’ international insights and will learn from relevant examples how to approach the challenges in the legal industry with an open and creative mind.

The Legal Design Book also includes use cases by world-class clients and contributors from leading companies, universities and law firms.

Portrait of author Astrid Kohlmeier

Astrid Kohlmeier

Astrid Kohlmeier is a lawyer and consultant for legal design based in Munich and has been combining law and design for over 15 years. From 2002 - 2012 she was head of marketing & communication in a litigation funding subsidiary of Munich Re. For the last 8 years she is working as a legal design expert and consultant for legal inhouse departments and law firms, such as Clifford Chance, LinkLaters, Airbus and many more. Awarded as „woman of legal tech” she develops user centric solutions and legal services with focus on the digitalization and digital transformation. Astrid is member and lecturer of the Executive Faculty at the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession, co-founder of the non profit organization „Liquid Legal Institute”, speaks at conferences, publishes and works with an international network of legal designers. She has an education in law and media design.
Portrait of author Meera Klemola

Meera Klemola

Meera Klemola is globally recognised as one of the pioneering voices in Human Centred Design for legal professionals and legal business. Dubbed by The Legal Forecast as one of the first ‘Legal Designers’ and the host of the world’s first Legal Design Summit, Meera continues to lead and actively contribute to the discourse on the evolving role of design in law as well as corporate learning and development. Meera is a trusted advisor to some of the largest brands, corporations, law firms and in-house legal teams. She also co-teaches with professors at law schools, is a frequently requested keynote speaker at global innovation conferences and company retreats and is a contributing author to various platforms on the topics of design in law, modern work and leadership. She holds multidisciplinary qualifications in law, design management and business.
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The Framework of Legal Design and how to apply it step by step.

The Legal Design Book does not stop at What, Why and How. It also covers the topics of impact and measuring the business value and ROI of legal design. In addition, the book unpacks the role of legal designers in the future and their role in elevating legal experiences and innovation in law firms and inhouse legal departments. 

The table of contents:
  • Introduction
  • I The Legal Design Philosophies
  • II What is Legal Design?
  • III Why Legal Design?
  • IV The Legal Design Process
  • V Field Work – Exploring Use Cases from different contributors
  • VI The Role of Legal Designers 
  • VII Legal User Experiences
  • VIII The Value of Legal Design
  • Conclusion

A Fun & Inviting Layout

At the heart of legal design is the goal to create engaging, easy to understand and user-friendly legal information while simultaneously elevating the legal client experience. As such our book embodies these values and includes fun visualizations designed by Tobias Heumann. It is not your standard legal book.

Our goal is to make the content easy to access and underline our mission as legal designers: to use design to make the law transparent, user friendly and easy to understand.

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Who should read this book?

The Legal Design Book should be read by those who are curious, intrigued and interested to do things better. Legal design is not dependent on any jurisdiction. The following readers may particularly enjoy this book:

  • Any lawyer, from any practice area with an interest in client-centric service transformation (i.e obtaining more clients).
  • Any lawyer, from any practice area looking to distinguish themselves from the competition with additional knowledge
  • All Legal Innovation, Legal Ops and Legal Tech Managers
  • All Partners at law firms – particularly those interested in client development, business development and establishing competitive advantage. It will appeal instinctively to partners who are future focused.
  • In-house counsel tasked with increasing efficiency, reducing costs and delivering client-centric solutions.
  • All legal partners at professional service provider firms (e.g KPMG, EY, Deloitte)
  • Law Schools
  • Law students and Professors from Universities