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The Ten
Legal Design

Our Philosophies

In order to be a legal designer, do legal design, teach legal design and use legal design within your team, it is necessary to adopt the right mental models and create the ideal environmental conditions for design to thrive.

We have defined ten fundamental mental models, which we call the Legal Design Philosophies. In order to guarantee success for your legal design projects and initiatives, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these Philosophies and routinely incorporate them into your work – be it at an individual level or within a team context. Guided by the Legal Design Philosophies, you will move towards creating the right culture and space for yourself and your team to build, apply, implement and ultimately benefit from legal design.



A new perspective on the legal profession

The Legal Design Book is the go-to guide for practitioners seeking to understand the topic and apply legal design in their daily work. We cover what legal design is, why it’s important and how you can apply it in practice.

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