The 10 Legal Design Philosophies

Focus on Objectives

Focus on Objectives

Set clear objectives and performance targets from the outset and continuously refer back to these objectives in order to stay on target.

A common misconception is that legal design is “touchy feely” and lacks concrete direction. The best legal design initiatives are highly focused. From the outset, the team should list and familiarize themselves with the objectives of the initiative and establish a “what constitutes success” (WCS) statement. Without clear, well-defined objectives and a WCS statement, it is easy to veer off course. Even worse, it is easy to lose individuals along the way as they start to forget the real purpose of the legal design project and what they are trying to achieve. For the project leader, it is important to constantly ensure that the team does not lose sight of the objectives. Objectives and goals should be referred to regularly and used as an anchor to guide the team on the right path. Chapter 8 will provide you with tips on how to set the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your success and the value of legal design.

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